September 01, 2014

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mallard-pair-in-flight-snowThis test is one of the Certifying RefugeRat RatTests™ used to verify you as a Certified RefugeRat™.

There are two ways to take the test.

You can take it either anonymously or as a Registered RefugeRat.     learn more...

General Information

The purpose of the test is to assess your knowledge regarding decoys, and possibly introduce some ideas to you that you might not have considered already.

The test consists of ten questions that covers topics such as decoy placement, types, species, quanity, and use. The question types range from true / false, multiple choice, and matching. Some questions also include situational scenarios.

Each question is worth ten points for a total maximum score of 100 points. A passing score is 50% or greater.

If your score falls within the following ranges below, then you are considered:

90 to 100 - MasterRat™

80 to 90 - SeniorRat™

70 to 80 - JuniorRat™

Some of the answers to the questions will be straightforward and objective. Others may be more subjective, depending on your hunting style, experiences, and location.

If you have feedback about the test or questions, or suggestions for additional questions, then please drop us a note.

Thanks, good luck, and have fun.