September 02, 2014

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love to hunt, some fishing, I'm a electrician, and a maintenance man at a hospital, married to a wonderful nurse. Enjoy working with my hands. I love to hunt out of state, and being outdoors when work allows it.


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State / Province
North Carolina
City / Town

Hunting Background

Years Hunting
about 10, just a few with waterfowl, this will be my first year hunting refuges
First Bird
Hooded Meganzer
Why Like Hunting
It gives you the opertunity to get to hunt more different places, and a wide range of game. And a wide range of land scapes.
Techniques / Strategies
I like to scout ahead of time to make sure that when I get there I kinda know what my surroundings are and I'm not walking in blind. Even when I hunt out of state I do the same thing. I also like to make several plans in case one area is already being hunted by someone.
Hunting Style
My hunting style is more of an open style. Cause to get the most out of hunting you need to be able to change to fit into the type of area you are planning to hunt. Me and the guys I hunt with are lucky enough that we get to hunt in different places and states.
I am already booking some dates for 2012 season to hunt on the NC coast. Can't wait. Might even do a little in Ohio.
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Article Comments

2012-01-12 12:20:06
Great work on the decoys Allen, they look awesome. Wish I had the time .....
2011-12-14 08:49:00
Glad that you are now ok and that you are able to share your experienc .....
2011-11-21 23:53:10
You should set up a way to order from the web page, love your site.


Wife's take note!!!
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 16:56
That is a killer wife for sure DD1...maybe all the spouses or girlfriends will follow her lead. We can hope!
Friday, 24 February 2012 09:22