July 24, 2014

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Hunt Like a Pro

Ever wonder how some duck or goose hunters consistently produce above average results? You know the ones. Those hunters you see that always seem to have quality straps of birds on their way out.

It's by no accident.

These pros have made the commitment to excel at the sport they love - waterfowling. And it shows.

So read on to experience some of their quality hunts. You just might learn a few RatTips along the way and ultimately increase the success of your hunts too.

New Front, Another Hunt - Davis Walker


The three days prior to this morning had not produced much - long, scratched out limits of gadwall, teal, ringneck, and a couple of mallards.

The weather had been abnormally warm, with highs into the mid 70s, and wind out of the south to southeast.

I put almost 400 miles on the truck in those three days. Needless to say, I was exhausted.

The Timber - Davis Walker

mallard-drake-wings-upMy first green timber experience was one to remember.

I was on winter break from college, and had traveled to southeast Arkansas to see my girlfriend and her family. While I was there, I was graciously invited to help out at a local duck club. In return, I would be allowed to hunt the property.

The day I arrived, a cold front pushed through, dropping the overnight temperatures into the low teens.