August 29, 2014

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RatNation™ More Refuge Rats

Rats. Rats. Rats. They're Everywhere.

This section allows you to meet and learn from Refuge Rats both from your area and other flyways. You will find hunt stories, strategies and other information about waterfowling on public refuges from this die hard group.

Some of these Refuge Rats will also go on to become a National RefugeRat (NRR). To meet the current NRR from your State or Province, click here.

If you are interested in the opportunity of becoming the next NRR, or you would like to represent your State or Province, or you would like to share your duck and goose hunting experiences with other Rats, then give us a holler.     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

California - Collin Brown

california-collin-brown-marsh-dog-duckPlease welcome California Rat Collin Brown and his dog Ammo.

Collin grew up in northern California and for the past nine years has hunted public lands and rice fields passionately.

The first duck he shot at a refuge was a green-winged teal, and his first goose was a speck. He got both at Yolo.

Collin is definatety a dedicated Rat as you will discover below.

Give Collin a big welcome.

Idaho - Justin Smith

idaho-justin-smith-dog-big-duck-bagWelcome Justin Smith from Idaho.

Justin has been waterfowl hunting for about seven years, coincidently just as long on refuges and public land.
The first bird he killed on a refuge was a mallard drake, and it was also his first bird ever shot over decoys.

A big Rat welcome to Justin.

Refuge Determination, Methods, and Success

North Carolina - Taylor Carlyle


Put your hands together for Taylor Carlyle from North Carolina.

Taylor hunts small swamps and large lakes around the area and has been at it for about thirteen years.

His first duck killed on a refuge was a drake lesser scaup, and found it amazing to see this bird for the first time.

He was also a victim of a hunting accident that nearly took his life on December 23, 2005.

Tennessee - David Spaulding welcomes David Spaulding from Tennessee. David has been duck hunting for 12 years, five of them on public land.

David's nickname which is perfect for this website and hunting on refuges is "Rat." We love it!

Give a big Rat holler to David.

Refuge Hunts, Tips, and Perspectives

I killed my first duck, a bull gadwall, on a refuge. That morning my friends and I killed 32 ducks, 30 of them were gadwall and two were mallards.

We hunt out of blinds we make in open cornfields. It is a very interesting style of hunting; it is also very fun and effective. We hunt almost every weekend, and every time we come home with no less than ten ducks.