September 02, 2014

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Programs Contests Win a Wicked Dog Stand Built Rat Tough by Sportstand!

Win a Wicked Dog Stand Built Rat Tough by Sportstand!

sportstand-logo-refugerat-approvedIn support of the new partnership between Sportstand dog platforms and, we are offering another great contest.

The winner will receive a sturdy Sportstand dog stand perfect for all the Rats and their hunting dogs while duck or goose hunting on public refuges and other lands. An early entry bonus prize in also up for grabs.

Sportstand Dog Stands

Sportstand has an established history of helping Rats effectively hunt quality public lands, refuges, and other waters, and their dog stands are built Rat tough.

The dog stands were originally designed to hunt waterfowl near Carlyle Lake and the backwaters of the Kaskaskia River in Southern Illinois.     Learn more...

Contest Prizes

There are two prizes up for grabs. The first is a $25 gift certificate from Cabela's, and the winner will be drawn from the first 25 Refuge Rats that enter the contest. The second prize, and ultimate winner will receive a Rat approved dog platform from Sportstand.

Contest Details

Though general comments can be made here, official contest entries should be made in the contests section in RatSkills.     RatSkills...

Anyone can enter the contest by sharing the name and breed of their hunting dog, but to double your odds of winning a Sportstand dog stand, add a photo of your dog while duck or goose hunting on a refuge or other public lands. So grab your camera, or start digging through your photos to find that special duck or goose hunting photo of your dog.

If you need a Sportstand dog stand or platform now, and can't wait until the end of the contest, give us a holler.

You have until February 3, 2012 - 11:59 PM, PST to enter. Date subject to change. Void where prohibited.

Good luck to all the Rats!

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written by Bruce Hudson, October 06, 2011

Sportland dog platforms
Nice product!
written by RatStaff, October 07, 2011

Yes Indeed!
Keep your eyes open for details on a giveway, someone is going to win a Sportdog dog stand.
written by soggybottomboy, October 21, 2011

My thoughts of the up comming season rain .We need it bad .things here in oklahoma are DRY.I feal what ducks we do get will just up an go in short order .There is alot of food sswamppea japmillet smartweed but we need water.Every thing is 20 feet from the water line .So everyone up north is gona have a great year .while those of us in the south will justsit an hope.Those are my thoughts.Hope I am wrong .
written by RatStaff, October 23, 2011

Oklahoma Rain
Hope you get buckets of it soon!
written by soggybottomboy, October 23, 2011

Yep me to we got a littel last night .we need a lot more as do the boys in Texas to dry to do much hunting .Pray for rain guys or things are gona got realy ugly .NO rain no crops no fishing you get were I am going .any way hope you have a good seson .I hope I have one the opener is NOV. 5th it dose not look good .NOPE
written by ishootspoonies, October 24, 2011

where do I upload my pic?
Where do I upload a pic of my bad azz yellow lab "Avery" for the contest?
written by RatStaff, October 24, 2011

Photo Upload
Create an account at Photobucket or somewhere similar. Then you can add a photo to the official contest entry area in RatSkills. You'll see it in Contests.
written by Lily and me, November 03, 2011

Mes is my 6 month old yellow lab. Got his name by using the first inital of each of my daughters.
written by Lily and me, November 03, 2011

Lily is my 8 year old black female. She blew her knee in July so she had to miss canada this year but she sent her little brother Mes.
written by RatStaff, November 06, 2011

@ Lily and me
Sorry to hear about the knee. Wishing a speedy recovery for her...
written by Rex, November 30, 2011

Hunting Texas
I could really use this platform where I hunt. Really shallow water that I kneel in while Rex has to sit in it. I feel sorry for him on some mornings! He's a 4yr old black lab, bird retrieving machine! I love em!
written by onealry, December 02, 2011

cutt the green
Mudd and he is a chocalette lab
He is a big block head that loves the water.
hope the due date3 is 2012 not 2011
written by RatStaff, December 08, 2011

Contest Date
Contest cut off date is 2012 not 2011. Thanks for pointing that out! (-:
written by kbcougs33, December 12, 2011

bode, yellow lab
written by mikemike, December 30, 2011

My new abandonee
This young girl had been abandoned over the past couple days. I stumbled upon her at a spot on the river earlier this evening, which happens to be a hot spot for animal dump offs.
As soon as I got out of my car, she ran up to me and just sat at my feet. I already knew she'd be coming home with me, and just from the few hours I've spent with her, I can tell she's going to make an awesome companion over the next couple years.

Her name's Margot. Chocolate lab and something. Haha

written by Moomps, January 27, 2012

My brand new dog is an english cocker spaniel named Marni. She's two years old and a real hunting machine.
written by WKYhunter, January 27, 2012

KY public ground
Katie is my newest hunting buddy. She is yellow lab. This is her first season and she has done great! I have had a blast with her all season. I am already excited about next yr.
written by Cory-Ray, January 27, 2012

Chester is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever I rescued from an eldery man who was ready to rid of him because he was too much to handle. Talk about an excited energy filled dog! You shoot it, he'll get it. end of story.
written by Rob Adams, January 28, 2012

Gun Powder Athena- Black lab 1yr old. How do you add a pic?
written by fetchitupup, January 29, 2012

I have 2 dogs a Yellow Lab male, Jeb, and a female black lab named Bryn.
written by RatStaff, January 29, 2012

How to Add Pics
@ Rob Adams - You can add pics in RatSkills. Follow the link above under Contest Details.
written by jmm0428, January 30, 2012

Dog name
Duke Black Lab Retriever died last year best dog i ever had.
written by Jake Netterville, November 06, 2012

Her name is Abbey and she is a 4 year old Black Lab

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