August 21, 2014

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RatCord - The Decoy Line with Bite.

ratcord-dock-decoysIf there was such a thing as Military Specification, or Mil-Spec decoy line, RatCord™ would be it.

If fact, we think an appropriate new classification of duck and goose hunting gear is RatSpec™.

RatCord is a durable, long lasting decoy line made for years of abuse while duck or goose hunting your favorite marshes, rivers, and other waterways.

Check out the photos then get some RatCord today.

What Other Rats are Saying

"...the RatCord that you sent me last year before the season worked really good. Honestly the best deke line I have ever used. Never had a single weight break off all season and I hunted 93 days. A few weeks that we hunted it was 0 degrees for a high and -15 at shooting time...RatCord stayed limber and strong. Thanks! It worked great."

"So far the RatCord has lived up to my expectations on two hunts...does great when you CAN see it because it is the same color as a lot of the dead plants..."

"Was freaking awesome...Held up in calm as well as rough Atlantic waters! Cold did not impact the product. Makes hooking up dekes so much easier!"

"The RatCord worked great I like it a lot I actually put it on a few diver decoys and used it all season with no problems."

"I really like the RatCord. It worked good for the few times out."

"Kudos...for producing RatCord decoy line. I use cord stops to adjust the length on my decoys and to make it easy to bag them. I've tried a lot of different decoy lines but they always allow the cord stop to slip with just a little tug. The RatCord holds it tight and forces you to pinch the cord stop if you want to move it and that's what I want. It's good durable stuff. I like the fact that it's drab brown and it's easy to sort my decoys from everybody else."

"I used RatCord on three dozen decoys last year, it withstood two weeks of below freezing conditions and a year of hard hunting!"

Key Features

  • Matte finish
  • Does not  float
  • Super strong
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Handles wide temperature ranges
  • Flexible with right amount of "hand"
  • Use with or without fasteners

So pick up some RatCord the next time you need to rig your duck or goose spread. The Decoy Line with Bite.™

Pricing and Ordering

$9.00 per 100 feet (plus $6.00 shipping for 100 or 200 feet)

To order your RatCord, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



RatCord Testing Program Expanded

feedback-form-closeup-penAfter an initial successful round of testing RatCord™ decoy line around the country this past hunting season, is expanding the program to include a larger group of waterfowlers across North America.

The program includes adding 50-100 more field testers for additional feedback from live in the field duck and goose hunts, though these target numbers are subject to adjustment. The field testers input is key in helping to ensure achieves it's fundamental goal of delivering products to fellow waterfowlers that are worthy of a Rat.