August 21, 2014

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Partner Products Sportstand Dog Stands

Sportstand Dog Stands and Platforms

sportstand-dog-hunter-refugerat-approvedSportstand dog stands and platforms are the perfect solution for mobile public land duck and goose hunting. Quality hunting habitat does not always include a safe and comfortable position for your dog, but don't let that challenge stand in your way, a functional and sturdy dog stand is the solution.

Sportstand dog stands and platforms are the original American made dog platforms ideal for duck and goose hunting on public lands, refuges, and other waters. Mobile, efficient, and built to take the abuse that Refuge Rats dish out, it is an important tool to help maximize the quality of your waterfowl hunts.

So the next time you plan on duck or goose hunting on quality public land or refuge habitat that is deep into the marsh or timber, with no structure suited to comfortably position your dog for the hunt, reach for your Sportstand dog stand.

Suggested Sportstand Retail Pricing

  • Sportstand Dog Stand - $160

Discounted Sportstand Pricing

Contact us for your discounted pricing. Need more than one Sportstand dog stand or platform? Give us a call. Special deals available on volume purchases.

Special California Program

Hunt ducks or geese on public lands and refuges in California? We have an extra special program. Free delivery available too. Contact us for further details. You'll be glad you did.     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it