September 01, 2014

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In the Field Wildlife Art Decoy Carver - Allen Lopez

Featured Decoy Carver - Allen Lopez is pleased to introduce Allen Lopez, our featured wildfowl and decoy carver.

Allen hails from a world renowned area of the East Coast which is abundant with wildlife, creating ample opportunity to observe and capture the wonders of a wetland.

A big Rat welcome to Allen.

A Brief Background about Allen

Allen Lopez has been carving for almost 15 years, drawing his inspiration from his home, Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

He has loved carving from the beginning, and has gone on to introduce and teach carving to others, and has written for Wildfowl Carving magazine.

Grand Ole Osprey


I created this osprey for donation to the Annapolis Maritime Museum.

It was auctioned off at their annual benefit, The Grand Ole Osprey, on November 22, 2008, at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. The auction was a great success. The museum was badly damaged by Hurricane Isabel and is still in the process of being rehabed.

The funds raised by the auction are being used for the reconstruction process.