July 31, 2014

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In the Field Team RefugeRat

Who is Team RefugeRat? It may be you.


Team RefugeRat is for public land waterfowlers that love to duck or goose hunt.

The concept for the Team emerged from the article, "Are you a Refuge Rat?"    more...

The article highlights the daily hunting experiences of a Rat such as scouting new honey holes, sleeping in your truck, or hauling unbelievable amounts of gear on your back.

Sound familiar? If so, then you are indeed a Refuge Rat. Welcome. As a Rat, you may want to join the Team for one of several reasons.

Show Your Colors

One of the most popular reasons to join Team RefugeRat is you want to show your colors as a public land duck or goose hunter. It is undeniable you are a unique breed of waterfowler. You are resourceful, clever, and persistent. You are a Refuge Rat.

Strong Waterfowling Skills

You may also be interested in joining the Team because you are either a successful public refuge duck or goose hunter already, or you want to learn how to become one. You are a cut above the crowd.

idaho-steve-jamsa-four-greenheads-on-fence-grassImproved Quality of Hunting

Lastly, you might want to join the Team because you want the quality of public land hunting to improve. You may have seen challenges in the field and feel there is room for progress. Your area of interest may be one of several, including better waterfowl habitat, less crowding, or improved hunter skills. At the end of each day, you want a quality hunting experience.

United Voice

To help achieve the goal of improving the quality of public refuge duck and goose hunting, we want to grow Team RefugeRat into the largest single group of public land waterfowlers on the planet.

As a group with a united voice, we can help affect change for the better.

Our strategy is to work together with specific entities such as government agencies, conservation organizations, and other key groups to identify issues and formalize plans to improve the quality of public land waterfowling in the areas that are important to you as a Refuge Rat.

While working with these groups in solving targeted problems, the key message we want to communicate is that the members of Team RefugeRat want a quality hunting experience.

On the surface, the message may seem simple, but it is in reality a complex challenge. Some issues you as a Refuge Rat while hunting can help others to improve. The Field Etiquette RatGuide is a good reference point.     learn more...

Other concerns, such as habitat management or regulation changes are more challenging, and as an individual Rat with a single voice, affecting change can be an uphill battle. But as a pack of Rats with a united voice, we can help make a positive difference for all.

refugerat-decalWant to Join Team RefugeRat?

No matter if your interest in the Team is to show your colors as a Refuge Rat, share your successful waterfowling skills, or help improve the quality of public refuge hunting, we encourage you to become a member.

Join the official group in RatTown to get involved for any of the reasons that are important to you. And welcome aboard!

Team RefugeRat Group...

Spread the Word

As a member, we do need your help in spreading the word about Team RefugeRat. How you choose to communicate to other waterfowlers is up to you, but might we make a suggestion.

If you email us with a link to an online reference about Team RefugeRat, as well as your shipping address, we will send to you a Rat Decal for free. Sound fair?     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rat Decals...

There are several ways you can make an online reference. You might add Team RefugeRat to your signature on one of the great forums. Or mention Team RefugeRat on FaceBook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, or any other of the fantastic online communities. The opportunities are endless.

So get cracking, join, and together we can build the strongest public land waterfowling team on the planet.

Team RefugeRat!

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written by utahduckhunter, August 25, 2010

utah duck and goose hunting
well i hunt lot of public land here in utah most of my duck hunting is on lake , ponds , river and wildlife refuge we get lot wigeon and gadwall . mallard pintail,can, redhead, goldeye , rinnecks , bluebill these are some of the duck we get here in southern utah.and i am new here
written by RatStaff, August 30, 2010

Hey Ya
Gald to meet another Rat!
written by utahduckhunter, December 14, 2010

well duck hunting here been little slow
well duck hunting has been slow here in southern utah hope fully we will get some more birds to move in . i do not get out as much as i like i got lay off my job the first week of dec. so i been looking for a job .any i want know hoe i can become team refugerat. thanks very cool site for the public land duckhunter.
written by RatStaff, March 22, 2011

Team RefugeRat
Team RefugeRat is for all the Rats. There is a Group in RatTown that we have set up and you can join for the reasons that are important to you.

Thanks for the kind words about the company and site too. It is a labor of love for all the Rats!
written by Kwikone, September 04, 2011

Just Arrived
First time as a member and logged in. Looking forward to another great WF season!
written by inachair, September 13, 2011

kansas opener
has anybody seen the ks seasons? They r ridiculious. I grew up hunting one area had to move win i was 30 about 45 miles to the north now the two areas open a wk apart. the question is y is their now 4 zones n kansas? who will this benefit?
written by RatStaff, September 13, 2011

First things that come to mind are the farmers though don't know the harvest schedule or crops there. If the refuges hold a lot of birds it will help keep them off the farmer's fields depending on what they are growing until after harvest. Maybe the zones are staggered to make the season in the state longer too? Just a guess though...If you are a short drive to two zones, then maybe look at it a good thing, having two openers and unwary birds. (-:
written by jonathanschmeck, September 15, 2011

It will all work out in the end
Wisconsin went to a 2 zone system over a decade ago. One of the major reasons for this was to allow the hunters in the Mississippi river, and the southern most parts of the state to take advantage of the large amounts of waterfowl that come down from the great lakes. That generally don't arrive until after the season is winding down, or has ended completely. Sound good in theary huh. But what this actually did was NOT allow the hunters in the northern most part of the state to take advantage of the big "push", because there season had already ended. But after alot of letters and face to face visits by the aggrevated hunters up north. The State decided to split the season in the northern zone. Allowing, for the most part, everyone to take advantage.
Keep in mind, all of this took a few years to work its self out. And when you can get alot of people that have the same concerns as you do, to write respectfull letters to your state reps or wildlife biologist. The seasons may be tweaked to accommodate all.
Good luck,
written by samsiljr, September 24, 2011

Indiana waterfowl hunting
I'm not exactly in a major fly way here in Indiana but I keep grinding away at it. With a lot of hard work and scouting it works out sometimes. We usually get more bad hunts than good but when we get everything just right its the really good hunts that make it all worth while.
written by RatStaff, September 25, 2011

Indiana Rats
Even though there are areas in the country that may have a lot of birds around most of the time, they do not always want to cooperate. Sometimes you may only get the oppotunity to shoot just a few birds in these birdy areas.

When you think about it, you only need just a few opportunities to start filling out your bag. On solo hunts, 5 to 7 birds is not that hard to do if one manages the factors for high percentage kill shots. If you don't manage those factors, then it will be difficult to add birds to the strap. No way around it. It's all about the basics day in day out.

When the hunting is really hot, that is always a nice gift, and is forever etched in your mind. Glad to meet you brother...
written by inachair, September 26, 2011

Kansas duck hunting ????
I'm 38 have duck hunted or at least went since i was 6. Always hunted public and love it. Maybe not as much the last few years but we cant have every year be great. Public lands are alot of work but if ur patient and take shots IN THE DECOYS you can have good success. Now public goose hunting is another story? I will say the best snow goose jump I was every on came on public land. Total of 201 birds 1 neck band.
written by RatStaff, September 26, 2011

Kansas in the Decoys
10-4 on in the decoys...taking high percentage shots will put more birds on the strap than anything else. In general, geese make wider passes than ducks, so Rats need a lot more room to work then properly which can be a challenge. Glad to meet you...
written by RIVERDAWGG, October 06, 2011

Nor Cal Waterfowl
Opener here on our refuges (Upper Butte Basin) has been pushed back a week to allow for the late rice harvest to finish.

The early honker season saw mixed results. There was a "Special" Junior hunt on the Forebay.. They did well.

Loooookin forward to getting my waders wet & warming up the Stoeger.

Best of the season to all. Be safe, Have Fun, and... Get em' Close!

written by RatStaff, October 06, 2011

@ Riverdawgg
Been wondering how you been...
written by Riverdawg, October 06, 2011

Been good.. Having a great Salmon season here on the Sacramento River.. Lots of small fish. The biggest in my boat was 42.5

Lookin forward to hitting the refuge. Hope you guys are doin good, and Keep up the great work on the site. BEST ON THE WEB !!!

written by Riverdawg, October 06, 2011

What gives??
Last time I tried to add my name "Riverdawg" it said that name was registered.. So I had to put an extra G on the end.. Whats that all about? Riverdawg is "MY" name
written by RatStaff, October 07, 2011

Seems Fine
Seems ok now...
written by Riverdawg, October 24, 2011

Best video cam for hunting
Ok,... So my buddy is now a full blown video editor..

We want to start filming some of our refuge hunts.


Let me know what you think, or have had good results with.

Thanks all.

written by RatStaff, October 24, 2011

Video Camera
Your timing is good. We've got something cooking you will want to get in on. (-;

Not up to date on video cameras, but Costco is a good place to check, as well as Amazon.

Stay tuned for an announcement too.
written by Fowlmouth, November 11, 2011

Hunts on and I've only gone twice.
Once was ok and the 2nd was great. I need to go out more. . . who doesn't. Gonna re-rig the decoys with 1 or 2 long lines. I want an easier way to pu dekes by myself. Making floaters out of my field decoys again. They worked before, I'll make work again.
Northern Utah has had a great return on Gadwalls and Widgeon. Some Bluebill through but Not over me. I missed on 10 cans that taught me a lesson in humility. I even sensed they were coming and still blew it. Great birds regardless. Widgeon are really moving in numbers. I'll hit the Salt Creek Shooting grounds tomorrow. Can't be anything but good to great! Good Luck Guys
May the Ducks be with you!

Fowlmouth- James H.

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