August 30, 2014

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In the Field Partners and Eternity Outdoors form Video Partnership
marsh-landscape-07m.jpg and Eternity Outdoors form Video Partnership

eternity-outdoors-camera-talk-approvedGot great video? Eternity Outdoors does and is pleased to partner with this promising group as their waterfowl hunting footage on public lands and refuges is not only entertaining and true to life, but also a visual representation of the published Field Etiquette RatGuide. learn more...

The RatGuide has been well received across the continent, and we are thrilled to see waterfowl hunters and videographers emphasize the suggestions found in the document through their films.

The use of video can be an important tool to help illustrate a technique or strategy to maximize the quality of a hunt, and Eternity Outdoors gets it. Their films represent hunts that every waterfowler can relate too, including public lands, jerk cords for motion, soft to moderate calling, and nicely decoyed birds. We are also delighted to hear the support other sportsmen share with us about the RatGuide, including the Eternity Outdoors crew. "We hope all hunters will choose to follow the Field Etiquette RatGuide," states Eternity Outdoors' Austin Brown. "We approve of the RatGuide 100%."

Eternity Outdoors offers not only realistic duck and goose hunting DVDs, but also great footage of other types of hunting and fishing as well. Check them all out, and keep an eye out for more great videos from this emerging company.

About Eternity Outdoors

eternity-outdoors-bannerEternity Outdoors is a group dedicated to improving the way people experience the outdoors.

Eternity Outdoors wants to develop innovative methods and new ways to create a better outdoor experience for the common outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing ethics are key principles that Eternity Outdoors has founded their company on, knowing that God's Creation deserves an outdoorsman's utmost respect. Eternity Outdoors will continue to try and bring God glory while they capture their hunting adventures on video.

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written by RatStaff, July 12, 2011

Turkey Harvest 2010 Video
Video partner Eternity Outdoors recently sent a copy of their premier turkey hunting video to, Turkey Harvest 2010, "The Beginning", and we have to say this crew is one to watch as an up and coming group.

It's a clean video with quality hunts featured, about 75 minutes in length. Love the scene where Austin almost gets overun by a jake on public land. Well done Austin, Brandon and crew!

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