August 27, 2014

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In the Field Articles

Fresh Original Articles Found Here

fresh-fruits-vegetablesOur goal in writing these articles is to offer original and thought provoking reading.

Some of it may be controversial. That's alright. We don't pretend to be perfect or have all the answers, but by opening up the dialog, we hope we can collectively improve the quality of public land and refuge waterfowling for all.

And that goal we believe is not controversial.

So read on, and share your two bits. Your opinion is worth much more than that.

Designing a Quality Mallards Only Refuge

mallard-drake-on-ice-behind-tulesWe started chewing on this idea a couple of years ago even though some areas of North America predominately shoot mallards anyway.

For the refuges and other management areas that do not have the luxury of duck hunting for mallards almost exclusively, we are focusing on mallards for a simple single reason. Most hunters would agree mallards are more challenging to hunt than other duck species and hunts can be negatively impacted more easily on refuges than while hunting other types of ducks.

Personal Hunting Space

mallards-climbing-groupYour Annual Trip with the Crew

You find yourself at your local grocery market fairly early in the morning, trying to get a jump on the crowds. You’re shopping for an upcoming fishing trip you have planned for the weekend.

You and your crew are looking forward to the annual event. The late winter rains have started to taper off, temps have started to climb, and the fish are on the bite. It’s going to be another great trip.