September 02, 2014

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In the Field Activities Take a RatChallenge™ Know a Fantastic Refuge Manager?

Know a Fantastic Refuge Manager?

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All across the continent, waterfowl habitat is maintained, enhanced, and managed by a small army of people that oversees millions of acres of land.

Their jobs are not easy.

There are many variables that effect their decisions, and in some instances their plans can be significantly impacted, for example, by lack of available water.

Some of their many responsibilities include:

  • infrastructure improvements such as road, levee, and water delivery systems
  • new development or upgrading of existing wetlands
  • field or marsh maintenance, including discing, planting and water management
  • monitoring for weather changes and adjusting day to day activities based on those deviations
  • managing waterfowl and other hunt programs
In the end, these individuals are responsible for making seasonal habitat and other management decisions that can effect wildlife and ultimately hunter opportunities.

So to those Refuge Managers that have been able to wade through the complex challenges their jobs entail, and in the end help improve our duck and goose hunting opportunities, we thank you. It is the fruits of your yearlong efforts that we enjoy every Fall and Winter.

In fact, we want to recognize the outstanding Refuge Managers across the US and Canada.

As such, we are now taking nominations for the 2011 Refuge Manager of the Year.

So if you know of a Refuge Manager that you feel has done a good job, then let us know who they are and where they are from. Nominations can be submitted via email.     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

And we wish all Refuge Managers good luck. You are truly appreciated by all of us.

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written by Ed, November 12, 2008

Great Refuge Manager
Bill Cook at Los Banos, California should be at the top of the list.
written by Douglas Nelson, January 31, 2010

Arkansas rice and Timber Hideout
The Arkansas 09 SEASON was Wet first then split, and the wet year left them spread out in flooded fields of the mighty White River. . so locating them was a not a long task.. lack of permission and leases had it all locked up though.. and then came the mighty cold down to -11 ten days of ice everywhere all locked up so I went back to the refuge ,,, the rice and the food, I asked a Mgr where to go? he said they were eating up the standing corn they left just the spot in four inch ice and then kicked me a spot back on the rice .. behind the timber ... The best MGR I can remember Raul was his name @ B.K.N.W.R. RAT Truth ---I called more than 1000 mallards into and through my decoys, preening, swimming, splashing done by 8:18am standing in the edge of the new hardwood plantings, using my decoy bag in the trees to shield my face. It was a Fantastic, fantastic memory as the Green flys by looking him in the eye and talking miss mallard all the way down. Thank you Raul for reinstating my belief that not all Fish&Game forgot who they work for ---- US The citizens... to serve as a civil servant & suppoter of waterfowlers
written by RatStaff, September 17, 2011

Refuge Managers
Some of the best Refuge Managers we have learned about really understand the dynamics of habitat managment and watch their fields like hawks, as they know what they do in the spring/summer will effect habitat outcomes in the fall/winter months, and ultimately how wildlife use the fields.

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