August 20, 2014

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In the Field Activities Take a RatChallenge™ Got Trash? We'll Send You a Rat Decal. Free.

Got Trash? We'll Send You a Rat Decal. Free.


Unfortunately trash has made its way on to our public hunting lands. Now it's not reasonable to assume we can keep 100% of the garbage out our hunting areas, but there is definitely room for improvement.

As such, we want to do something about it. So challenges you to be the bigger Rat and pick up some of the trash you see while hunting in the field, either yours or someone else's.

It can be anything you want. Candy wrappers, tobacco tins, plastic bottles, shell boxes, shell casings, or whatever. As little or as much as you wish. It's up to you.

Then send us a picture of the garbage you removed from your favorite field, marsh or waterway.

In return, for helping to make the public places we all like to duck and goose hunt better for all, we will send you a Rat Decal for free.     Rat Decals...

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written by bamaduck, December 15, 2008

I see more and more trash out in the river and lake where I hunt. Something even more disturbing is finding dead ducks in or around garbage cans at the boat launch. If people are going to take the time and spend the money to hunt, why would you throw your harvested game away?
written by Chuck Mueller, February 04, 2009

Brother Rats - the season is closed. I'm already hard up. Please leave the
marsh as you found it. Good things come to rats who clean up shells, boxes,
and after themselves in the form of of double banded drake mallards with a "C"
note on one leg and a federal band on the other!
Hard Up Rat,
written by smytyk, May 15, 2009

It's horrible where I hunt. I always leave with my blind bag full of shells and very few of them mine. I can understand missing one or two that land in the tall grass, but I can't stand people leaving piles of shells.
written by RatStaff, June 01, 2009

I think it all boils down to learned behavior.

The question is where did they learn it?
written by bufflehead, October 17, 2010

time to relight this fire
My wife and I do a lot of boating, fishing, and hunting, several years ago we started taking two plastic bags into the the great outdoors, one for our trash and one for everyone elses. In most cases thiers out weights ours. As RatStaff said learned behavior. These are the same people tha throw their trash out on the road, in parking lots, and any where they want. I call it lack of repect for themselves or anyone else.

written by RatStaff, October 17, 2010

I got to get some photos downloaded off my phone...
written by hngingeese, October 17, 2010

we went target shooting at a public area and i picked up about 100 empty shotshells plus my own, some people just dont care to preserve the land which is too bad.
written by lanzi, October 17, 2010

wisconsin hunter
people who litter in the out doors are the worst! Its different in a way to see trash in town because you know it will get picked up, but for the people who litter in the outdoors should not be allowed in them. If caught they should loose hunting rights for a year.It may seem harsh but remember we are mostly talking about So Called Adults !!!!!!!!!!
written by RatStaff, October 21, 2010

We always find it surprising you can travel great distances into an area, and find recent trash in the field that was clearly left behind...
written by diggitydave1, November 18, 2011

I got a good one for you
the hunting land where we like to go someone dumped out a freezer full of rotten food. Now thats a piece of trash if I ever seen one, to do something like that.
written by jhoffman87, December 09, 2011

Take Care of it
Fellow Rats, Without a doubt trash is not hard to find on public land. Some is so old, you may even
find some collectors items, like paper shotgun shells. Some brass hulls, or that old bottle from Coca-Cola....
It's hard to believe that so many people would just walk over garbage and not ever give it a second thought to pick it up. But if some part of public land is closed, they are the first to complain that there is just not enough public land open to hunters. As a land owner, why would they want their land turned into a trash dump?
written by Eric_Markle, December 11, 2011

missouri hunting can be tough but extremely rewarding
My father at a very young age made it a point that any time you go hunting or shooting you should always take care of a area and leave it as good as it was when you got there and if you ever can make it better. There is one time though that sticks out in my mind a place we hunt all the time got found by other hunters and now every time we go hunting there we end up pick up about a case of empties and food rappers. it is because of things like this that missouri has started making access to some areas harder because of people carlessly leaving trash behind.
written by RatStaff, December 11, 2011


We are just about ready to bring in and post up some signs in some areas we hunt that say, "Pick up your trash!" 10-4 on the loss of access too. Guys slit their own throats by not picking up their trash, then they wonder why they can't hunt their anymore. )-:
written by Reagen Pollard, February 26, 2012

Ya'll are hitting the nail right on the head. I can't say it any better than you've already done. We've just got to keep doing what we know is right and teach others by leading by example. It's very exciting to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject and knowing that I'm not alone. It all revolves around respect (respect for yourself, the outdoors, fellow hunters, etc) and I think this group has it. Great Job Rats and keep up the good work!
written by RatStaff, March 17, 2012


Great way to describe it, respect, you hit the nail on the head too.

Leading by example is important also. We can all learn something, or teach something, no matter the age.

Thanks for the support, and always great to meet another Rat.

written by Fowlmouth, May 26, 2012

Taken the trash out!
Several years ago one of my sons and I hunted as usual on the Bear River Refuge just outside of Brigham Utah. We were in Unit #1. We'd walked about a mile to the preferred spot and found piles and piles of empties along the brush for 40 yards on the dike. I believe we shot a few birds and decided to leave. I filled my game bag and a bread bag with all we could carry.
I was appauled to find 1/3 of those empties were lead dove loads in 8 shot. They hadn't been reloads because I found one the fool dropped along the waters edge. I found garbage can liner that someone had dropped in the corner of a makeshift blind and put everything we could into it. I emptied everything from my vest and put the bread bag (which was full) in the sack.
I reload my own duck loads alot and we later sorted out what I wanted and threw the rest in the trash after we arrived home. While walking out that day we ran into a Officer and he wanted to inspect what we had in the bag I was nearly dragging. Keep in mind this was two weeks after the opener.
After explaining to him that we had cleaned up 4 blinds of all the trash and empties, he lit up. "I've never seen anyone carry out the garbage before, let alone pick up and carry out someone else's leavings." He thanked us, I tossed him the 12 guage loaded dove load I found in the blind and showed him how many of the shells had been used. He shook his head and commented on how the officers still miss out catching people that abuse the refuge.
I'm impressed with all the comments concerning clean up. I've made it a habit to clean up all the empties I can carry. I have 4 bins and several sacks of empties that I could reload but I have enough shells. (Never ever thought I'd say that!) I want to go to a clean hunting area, and I expect to have one as well as leave one when I go home.
Thanks to all of you.
written by kdog, August 15, 2012

Pick up your junk! I bend down and pick up my hulls even before I pick up my birds! just make it a habit. Nobody wants to see garbage floating through there decoys.
Ethical sportsmaen unite! Keep up the good work fellow Ratties!
written by outlaw571, October 02, 2012

Wanton waste and sheer laziness
I too have seen ducks cast aside at the boat launches, and even found some thrown in the back of my truck. I don't like leaving my hulls laying around and don't appreciate others who do the same. Besides, it can sometimes tell some of those more unsavory folks that its worth hunting in that area, so I make sure I pick them up. I just with others would clean up after themselves, folks who hunt and fish alike can both pollute the refuges.

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