September 01, 2014

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In the Field Activities Take a RatChallenge™

Rats Love Cheese. RefugeRats Love Waterfowl.

cheese-wedge-close-upBoth are a Challenge.

Rats, and we mean the ones with four little legs, fuzzy bodies, and twitching tails are always up for a challenge. No matter if  they are after the cereal in the storage pantry in the garage, or creating a path of destruction to the electrical system of your "project" as they construct their cozy, new home, in the end, they get it done, and achieve their objective.

Refuge Rats, and this time we mean waterfowlers that chase ducks and geese on public lands and refuges, are similar in several ways to their fury cousins. They too can be tenacious when focused on a goal, and in the end, get it done also.

Got Trash? We'll Send You a Rat Decal. Free.


Unfortunately trash has made its way on to our public hunting lands. Now it's not reasonable to assume we can keep 100% of the garbage out our hunting areas, but there is definitely room for improvement.

As such, we want to do something about it. So challenges you to be the bigger Rat and pick up some of the trash you see while hunting in the field, either yours or someone else's.

Think you can Build a Killer Blind?

ratcoffin-water-ratgrass-and-natural-camoThen we challenge you to prove your skills, and show others what a great looking blind should look like to help decoy your birds for spectacular in your face hunting, and high percentage kill shots.

Ground, boat, platform, layout, or pit blind, permanent or temporary, whichever type of blind you want to share with other Rats. It's your choice.

Ideally, before and after construction pictures for comparison would be great.

You an Accomplished Rat? What About a Great Shot?

double-barreled-shotgun-smokeAre you both? Then prove it. Take the Top Gun RefugeRat™ challenge.

There are some Rats that know how to hunt, and we mean, really know how to duck or goose hunt.

They understand the intricacies of the sport, and consistently make the right decisions, regarding their blinds, decoys, and calling, as well as all the other factors that involve executing successful hunts.