August 30, 2014

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Company RefugeRat ProStaff

RefugeRat ProStaff Team - You Got What it Takes?

refugerat-logoAre you a hardcore Refuge Rat?

Meaning you spend most of your hunt days on public state or federal refuges, or other public lands, chasing fat limits of ducks or geese.

And you have mastered the art of concealment, know how to set a killer decoy spread, and you call your birds with great skill.

Further, you have proven your understanding of waterfowl behavior, the weather, and preferred bird habitat through repeatedly achieving successful hunts.

Also your shooting is above average, you kill your birds at close range, and you practice other good field etiquette skills.     learn more...

In addition, you put your gear through torture-like abuse, and you believe in quality products.

If so, then you just might be the perfect candidate for the RefugeRat ProStaff Team.

If you think you got what it takes, then give us a shout. We would love to hear from you.

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written by Robert Ferguson, November 17, 2008

The Rat Brothers,Jeff & Rob.
My brother & I have been refuge rats ,as follows Jeff 41 years myself I have 48 years hunting refuges,across 4 states.Jeff hunts & lives in Cal. I live in Oklahoma hunting there!
Our Dad started taking us at 5 years old .I have sent 3-4 days in the sweat-line get in opening morining in California to hunt Grizzly Island , one of the great "sprig " refuges of the 60's , 70's & 80's.
written by RatStaff, November 28, 2008

Veteran Rats
Hi Rob,

You guys definitely have the experience. What do you think has changed the most over the years?

Email sent to you too.


written by ca_waterfowler, January 19, 2009

young rat
jeff and rob,

hey guys the site is great. i love the tests and cant wait for more to come. i spend 48 to 50 days in the field chasing waterfowl. this is a great sport.
written by Roland Cortez, January 30, 2009

refuge rat pro staff
how do become part of your pro-staff I kill alot of ducks on public land here south la when nobody else can kill them been huntin it 20 + years
written by RatStaff, March 03, 2009

Hi Roland,

Send us an email at the address listed above and we can talk about the program.

Thanks for your interest.


written by Tom McDonald, May 15, 2009

Dog Trainer
I have hunted ducks and geese all my life and have been training dogs (mainly retrievers) for 20+ years. I hunt mainly public lands (Nat. Refuge or State land).
I hold 10-15 dog training seminars throughout NYS at sport shows, retriever clubs, County Fairs etc. I would like to know more about your Prostaff program
written by RatStaff, June 01, 2009

Hi Tom,

Information sent your way.

Thanks for the interest.


written by Ben Elfele, June 27, 2009

ducks in MN? OH YEAH!
Hey there, just wondering what you folks are looking for in a pro-staffer... If its 15+ years of waterfowling expierence, working in the natural resources field, working with DU and PF to maintain public hunting lands and spends time building a soild network of hardcore waterfowlers across the mid west I think I would be a good asset.
written by Jeromy Walker, July 08, 2009

59 days
and a wake up call I will be sweating, and swating mosquitos waiting for the distinct whistle of a Green Wing or squel of a Blue wing.

Is it September yet?
written by dhunter, August 24, 2009

Pro Staff
How do you become a pro staffer
written by coonedup, September 29, 2009

South Louisiana Greenhead Killer
I have been hunting the management area in south central Louisiana since I was 16 and now 51, I usually out perform all my hunting buddies since they do not want to put in the work I do, I will use a piroque and push pole 200 yards thru the mud to get to the pot holes that the Mallards love down here, I have had a very good run killing 9 bands in the last 6 years. I usually use up all my vacation to chase the Birds. LOVE IT
written by Douglas Nelson, January 31, 2010

"Park em" Six States of Experience in 28 Years and Still Sleeping in the back of the Truck if Necessary !
From the Alkali flats of Mendota, California at the age of eighteen I began whistle calling in flights of Sprig , "the limit was seven pintails then, and I hunted with three friends so.. ", the pep call of flights of greenwings, gadwalls and mallards--- to the Columbia Basin of Washington State and the Pacific Flyways King River Gorge Mallards--- to Skagit Flats north of Seattle and the Mallards that ride the waves of our Pacific Ocean--- the White Snow Geese and Mallards that live in the High Desert Hideaways Of Summer Lake,Oregon and Upper and Lower Klamath Oregon and Tulelake, California ... Ive sweated lined myself for years and as I look back I promised myself one thing "JUST" get better at calling. You can do some amazing things with a call --- try no decoys--- just calling. I now live in Arkansas , my sixth year, Why? Chasing Mallards and Pintails and looking for that ever lasting Swarm the "BEEHIVE" and so far Ive hit and gotten to hunt and scout about 17 Waterfowl Refuges in this state.... the RATS TRUTH is " IT JUST GETS MORE ADDICTING " I love the Waterfowl World !!!
written by Ryan Wilson, February 17, 2010

Pro staff Oppertunities
I am in West Tennessee, And have spent many days chasin mallards in the Public WMA's Accross this state. I Train Retrievers and also have a good connection with RNT calls, and call in Meat calling contests some. I would like to Be on the Pro staff team if I can......
written by CAduckslayer247, February 08, 2012

Definition of refuge rat
First i would just like to say i really like the website, second i would like to say Iam the definition of a refuge rat. Go check out our facebook page CUPPED ADDICTION and like us. I am 21 and sleep on the river to hold down my spot, on opening weekend i go on Tuesday to wait in line to get in first. Me and my boys made all of our own stuff, a cart that is built for bulk and can handle the rough conditions of pot holes and mud and long distances. We make our own electronic decoys because we believe that the ducks see the same things over and over. I would like to talk more with you guys about hunting and would appreciate any comments in response to this post would love to hear comments.

thanks fellow duck hunters
written by James Holloway, December 30, 2013

Interested in Pro Staff Opportunities for both myself and Jared Barker my nephew. Man did we get into the geese this past week in just outside of Meridian Idaho. One goose shot the previous week by one of Jared's friends weighed in at 25 pounds with a 7' wingspan. The 5 I shot over two days were all over 6' and only one weighed in less than 15 pounds. HUGE BIRDS! What is funny is that Jared and friends shot a cackler and a greater in the same flock and he holds them up to show the difference in size of the species. Wowoa what a size difference. I hunt primarily in Cache Valley Utah and the Bear River Refuge, both public areas. At the time I went North we were frozen up. I went North to Idaho and saw my old stomping grounds, most of which are suburbs now, including the Boise River. $40 covered license and state stamp. I already had my Fed Stamp to hunt Utah Public Marshes. Besides the gas I spent $100 for gas. 30 yards from blind was my mothers apartment...these are citified suburban geese....stepped in when things were slow and visited for hours over three days. I made the meals and helped out. She was making Christmas gifts. I won't have any better memories than visiting with her and shooting over sized geese. I'll post some pictures on the site. Hope the "New Year" brings more opportunities for hunts and friendships. Best to all of you!

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