September 02, 2014

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Company About Us


We are dedicated to a unique breed of waterfowler. You. The Refuge Rat. Our focus is on waterfowl products for the public refuge hunter on the move.

We also offer Select Partner Products that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

In addition, we want to help make duck and goose hunting on public lands a quality experience for all. In support of this goal and with your assistance, we are attempting to provide suggestions to some of the challenges we sometimes encounter in the field. As such, we offer the Field Etiquette RatGuide™ as a starting point.     check it out...

Our Hunting Style

wood-duck-log-tulesAs you might have already figured out, we love to hunt refuges and public lands. Our preferred style of waterfowl hunting includes killer concealment, close decoying birds, and clean shooting (we strive for one shot, one kill). Do our duck and goose hunts always go according to plan? Nope, some are far from it. But we are always trying to stack the odds in our favor for killer hunts by managing the factors we can influence. If you like great waterfowl hunts too, then you will probably find helpful. Welcome.

Our Guiding Principle

Also, in support of keeping duck and goose hunting enjoyable for us, we launched with the following underlying premise clearly in mind, "Keep it Fun." Our feeling is that if we allow the company to become more of a burden than a passion, then we are building it for all the wrong reasons. As such, our goal is steady, manageable growth which means that some tasks, plans, or products may take a little time to complete. We hope you can appreciate our perspective.

It's probably also easy to understand that we believe in having a good time both in and out of the field. Our view is if it's related to waterfowl hunting and it's not fun, then why do it.

Supporting Waterfowl Causes

In addition, we support waterfowl related programs, issues, and causes. We recognize too that military personnel often times find themselves in remote parts of the world, unable to pursue the waterfowling sport they love. We have something special just for them.

Additional Principles

Further, we believe in quality products. Simply, if it's not quality, you won't find it here.

Finally, we believe in treating people fair and being nice. We also value your opinions and ideas, and feel that together we can continue to grow into a great company, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy the company, and we'll see you in the field.

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written by shoottime, October 11, 2008

I recently came across your site and was quite impressed. I visit it on a regular basis now and it seems that new things are always happening, especially since waterefowl season is only weeks away here in california. Hopefully, you or others can post tips, maps, hidden secrets on some of our state and national refuges. I realize, as a hunter, we always want to keep that honey hole a secret as long as possible, but a little hint of a certain parking lot can mean the difference between pockets of un-fired shells vs. empties and a full limit of fat mallards on your return to the check station! As a veteran refugerat, I;ve spent many hours walking in waders, fighting tules, swatting mosquitos, and searching for those little hidden pot-holes that we want to call our own. We never want to share our secrets, but we've all helped stear those die-hards like ourselves in the general direction and in return, they've often have returned the favor on other refuges or other parking lots! Hopefully, this can become a discussion board for us as "TRUE REFUGERATS". Thanks for the opportunity for the soundboard and pray for those slate skies and north winds!

Santa Cruz, CA
written by RatStaff, October 13, 2008

Hi Shoottime,

Thanks for your interest and comments.

We have been busy with many things here at RatHQ. Products, site work, hunting preperation for this season, etc... It's been a lot to manage, but we are making regular progress on all fronts.

We decided to start for several reasons. But one of the underlying premises is that it has to be fun. If it isn't fun, we are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

We are in the process of developing, testing and releasing our own products, but how the company evolves will also be heavily influenced by field input from Rats such as yourself. We are listening...

As for tips, etc...I recommend you explore the RatNation section of our site. It's a growing group of Rats from around the country that are sharing their experiences, strategies, and advice. Plus they have some killer hunt stories. You can use this new comment feature as a direct link to those RefugeRats. If you have questions, fire away.

Thanks again for your feedback. We appreciate it.


written by Framzit23, January 15, 2010

Great job
I am a born and bred refuge rat from California and I think what you guys are doing is great. My cousin and I have actually been talking for years about starting a company called Refuge Rats and doing basically what you guys did, then we found you guys. If only everyone that decided to visit this site and stick to the principles that you teach, such as letting the birds work and shooting them close.

Once again great job and keep up the great work.

Another Nor Cal Refuge Rat
written by RatStaff, July 05, 2010

Thanks for the Feedback
Good to hear from other Rats, and we appreciate your input and support. We love publc lands too, and think that the quality of hunting has room for improvement. We have seen what happens when hunters practice strong hunting skills and field behavior, and as you stated it works very well. The birds never knew what hit them. Spread the word and we can make a difference.
written by stoeger350, July 21, 2013

After taking the tests to become a Rat & passing them with the appropriate score I still have not recieved my sticker. Very dissappointed.

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