August 20, 2014

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Company Stuff. Some Boring, Some Not.

four-shovelers-in-flightLife is short. Lets have some fun.

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written by photodog1, December 16, 2010

want to buy decals + shirts
Every time I tried to order it went to microsoft express and said I needed a (cc) to complete form. Please help me in this matter. Also my Email address has a lower case P and I cant seam to get it to change
written by RatStaff, December 16, 2010

Changed Your Email Address
But not sure what form you are speaking about. Please email us with the specifics and we will investigate. Go to Company > Contact for email addresses. Thanks.
written by photodog1, December 22, 2010

computer nurd wants to buy goods
I'm a very ignorant person as far as computers go but I love the web site and I can't quite figure out your ordering system. I would like to order some shirts + decals. I passed the rattest the second time with a 100 with out reading the guide. I feel everyone who hunts public lands needs to make this web site a must. Can I get phone # to order stuff or better instructions. May your skys be filled with birds and your'e blinds be filled with memmories.
written by RatStaff, December 24, 2010

Follow the Top Menus
Go to Company > Contact and either email us or call us. All contact info is there.

If not mistaken, we also responded to an email you sent to us some time ago, so we can receive emails from you.

Thanks and later,


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